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An online magazine for spiritual seekers.

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Your online resource library for Catholic faith and culture.

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Established in 1921, the Catholic Library Association is an international membership organization, providing its members professional development through educational and networking experiences, publications, scholarships, and other services. The Catholic Library Association coordinates the exchange of ideas, provides a source of inspirational support and guidance in ethical issues related to librarianship, and offers fellowship for those who seek, serve, preserve, and share the word in all its forms.

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Hey Kids and Parents! Gospel Champions recreates Gospel stories in a 3D arcade game that is fun to play. The game helps reinforce Gospel and Catholic teachings. Best of all the game is sequenced with the lectionary! Each month the game presents a new Gospel Story from the cycle of readings that children will hear in mass during the same month. So they hear it in mass and then play it at home on their PC's!

* Uses Kids’ Love Of Video Games To Reinforce Gospel and Catholic Teachings
* Gives 12 Monthly Games To ALL Your Children; Three Skill Levels For Grades K-8 to Play At Home
* Communicates With Children and Their Families By Personalizing Messages Delivered by The Game
* Non-violent Christian-based video games
* Kids reflect on the Christmas story over the holidays, reflect on the Gospel readings throughout the year, memorize their prayers and teachings, learn about Saints, and do corporal and spiritual works of mercy - all by playing the game.

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The purpose of this web site is to provide free and low cost resources for school teachers, home school, and Christian children's ministry.